149 Zombies danced together the Thrill the world Choreographie of Thriller.

The danceshool Höllbacher, Dance now, Dance Club Graz and the Cheerleader Butterflies supported us. After some Workshops in advance a lot of participants came from them.

The amount of Donation for the children we collect was 1496,54 Euro. We will bring the money to the children in the next weeks.

We are also proud that Yuko Sumida Jackson joined us, she is known from the video Black or white, Ghosts and as Principal Dancer of the Dangerous Tour from Michael Jackson. BTW she love pumpingseedoil.


Pictures you find here.

23 Zombies danced Thriller at midnight. All dancers had a lot of fun and we are looking forward to give your donation to the childern cancer department. We were very proud that Doris Prasch visited us, sie help the childeren and parents at home during and after the illness



22 Dancers joined us in the old vine cellars in Graz to Dance Thriller 


Final Count: approximately 6,451 Zombies at 134 events in 22 countries and 6 continents. Estimated Funds Raised: Over $68,000 plus food/clothing/charitable donations.

This had been the  first Thrill the world day 2013 for Austria.

We gain 400,- for the children at the cancer Department.

22 joined to dance thriller




46 Dancer joined at Midnight to thrill the world